American Spirit Offshore Racing

American Spirit Offshore Racing was founded by Joe and Terri Vaughn as the parent company for the 2nd Amendment Offshore Racing team.
American Spirit Offshore Racing and the 2nd Amendment race boat are patriotic symbols for those servicemen and women who have served and are serving, including police firefighters and first responders.
The goal is to grow the team, win races and take the message to the people through races, social media, public appearances, charily events, merchandise marketing and any other means possible.
We hope to attract additional sponsors who believe in and would like to get behind the “American Spirit” and “2nd Amendment” cause.  “We are not a heavily sponsored team.  It is hard work and determination that gets us to every race, but the positive reaction from the fans regarding our message and the appreciation from the local community makes it all worth it.”   If you want to learn more, you can contact Joe via email: